Gardnerian Coven, East Longmeadow MA

Welcome to Circulus Serpentem Ignis. We are a Gardnerian Wicca Coven based on the outskirts of Springfield Massachusetts and close to the Connecticut border. We are part of the Long Island Line and have unbroken initiatory lineage tracing from High Priestess to High Priestess directly to Gerald Gardner.

Our coven bases its practice on a dualistic and binary system. We work with both a Goddess and a God and give them equal importance and respect. Our beliefs are based in the balance of all things in nature, light and dark, life and death, female and male, etc.

We run an Outer-Court for Seekers and Neophytes (Pre-Initiates) and an Inner-Court for those who have been initiated into the tradition. We are currently accepting Seekers to our Outer-Court. If you are interested in learning more about the Gardnerian Tradition please see the “History” page or contact us via the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Merry Meet!